About Us

Organizational Overview and Scope 

Established by statute #8 of 2017, Amendment Acts No. 4 of 2018 and No 12 of 2020, the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority, is a body corporate given the functions to:  

  • To advance and facilitate the efficient growth and development of the tourism industry in Saint Lucia. 
  • To assign and implement suitable marketing strategies to promote Saint Lucia as a desirable visitor destination. 
  • To encourage the establishment and enhancement of amenities, facilities, and destination services appropriate for the proper engagement of Saint Lucia as a tourist destination. 
  • To carry out market research to inform the needs of the tourism industry. 
  • To identify and facilitate training and capacity building needs for the tourism industry. 
  • To facilitate business opportunities and linkages between tourism and other sectors of the economy. 
  • To advise the Minister on all matters relating to tourism in Saint Lucia. 
  • To do other things that in the opinion of the Authority, facilitates the proper discharge of its functions or would be incidental or conducive to its operations; and 
  • To perform other functions specified in the Act. 
  • To administer the operations of the Tourism Levy. 


To be the world-renowned leader in the promotion of Saint Lucia globally. 


To create a strong demand for Saint Lucia as the most inspiring and authentic   destination, highlighting her beauty, natural resources, culture, and cuisine through visionary and collaborative initiatives, by a highly motivated and dedicated team, that stimulate overall economic growth and sustainable development. 

Board of Directors

The Authority is governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the Minister of Tourism.  The Board of Directors, of which Directors serve for a term not exceeding three years, are persons with experience in and shown capacity in matters relating to either Law, Marketing, Business, Finance & Accounting, Tourism and Trade.   

The Board provides leadership to the Authority within a framework of sound corporate governance practices with prudent and effective controls that facilitate effective resource utilization (financial & human) and efficient management.  It sets the Authority’s strategic goals and objectives, establishes its values, and ensures it meets its obligations. The Board ordinarily meets monthly with other meetings held, as necessary.  

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